We are going to open several hotels and one of them in Bali🇮🇩.

We are looking for partners who are as passionate about this project as we are.

Advantages of opening a hotel with Levels Hotels:

âś…Benefits every year. (+15% annualy)

âś…Unlimited Free stays at the hotel.

âś…You can, if you need to, sell your stake at any time (100% refundable).

We are going to construct a type of accommodation that has become very famous and demanded in Bali! These are bamboo houses like “Camaya Bali” or pools like Kayon Bali.


From the financial point of view, it is a success since it has an occupancy of over 95% at a price point of over € 300 per night. We want to build a Bamboo Village with 15 Bamboo Houses, their private garden and pool, Restaurant with pool, Co-working and Gym. We will create a Hotel that feels integrated in its surrounded nature and therefore Bamboo is the perfect material. We are working together with the leading company in Bamboo construction, Ibuku.

Our mission is to provide one of the most luxurious, authentic and enriching travel experiences available in an environmentally sensitive, sustainable and culturally rich manner.


We are looking for partners for this project. How can you join us?

For every € 1,500 you contribute, you will have, by contract, 0.03% of the hotel.

What will you receive in return? Approx. € 15,000 in benefits + free nights.

Do you want more information? Leave us your details!

(More than 300 people out of the 400,000 fans who follow us on Facebook here have already signed up for this crowd-equity)

In press:

HLC invertirá 15M € en Asia 


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